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Joe Wilson & Feeling Left Out Discography

Feeling Left Out "Running on Empty"
Released April, 2001
1. My Heart Is In Your Hands
2. Goodbye My Friend
3. Rocky Dennis
4. Spilled Milk

Feeling Left Out "Mr. Everything I'm Not"
Released November, 2001
1. Last But Not Least
2. Telephone Wires
3. Gravy Fries and Dirty Lollipops
4. Most Accidents Occur 10 Miles From Your House
5. Best of Both Worlds
6. At Arm's Length

Feeling Left Out "Wish Me Luck"
Released November, 2002
1. Enough About Me
2. Would You Like Something to Drink?
3. Unspoken Word
4. Amanda's Poem About Unicorns
5. Keep Me Company
6. Without Regret

Feeling Left Out "Two to the Chest to Remember, One to the Head to Forget"
Released August, 2003
1. Enough About Me
2. Would You Like Something To Drink?
3. Gravy Fries And Dirty Lollipops
4. Tell Me Where It Hurts
5. Unspoken Word
6. Telephone Wires
7. Last But Not Least
8. Best Of Both Worlds
9. Goodbye My Friend
10. Amanda's Poem About Unicorns
11. Spilled Milk
12. Keep Me Company
13. At Arm's Length
14. Without Regret

Feeling Left Out "Once Upon A Time"
Released March, 2004
1. Intro
2. Goodnite
3. Replaceable Parts
4. Razor
5. Crowbar
6. If Only To Hear Your Say
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Breathe

Feeling Left Out "When First Meets Show: The Christmas Album"
Released November, 2005
1. We Three Kings
2. Everything About This Christmas Is Wrong
3. Green Sleeves
4. Everything About This Christmas Is Wrong (Full Band Version)
5. Last Christmas
6. Last Christmas (Quicksand Jesus Version)

Feeling Left Out "Heroes of Pop Punk Blink-182 Tribute Album"
Released 2006
1. Going Away to College (Acoustic Cover)

Joe Wilson "A Day In My Shoes"
Released April, 2006
1. The New Song
2. You Can't Be Wise And In Love At The Same Time
3. Even The Flux Capacitor Can't Save Us Now
4. Facing The Wall
5. Furniture
6. Stay Happy
7. If You'd Let Me
8. I Wish You Well
9. The Last 3 Years
10. My First Heart Attack
11. You Can't Be Wise And In Love At The Same Time (Alternate Version)

Joe Wilson "On The Mend"
Released June, 2008
1. Seattle
2. Downtown Oakland
3. A Different Life
4. If Everything Is Truly As It Should Be
5. This Time Next Year

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