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So I've been planning on recording this new batch of songs for quite some time now. I've been putting it off because I didn't know the right way to approach them. Now that I've had some time to think and plan this out, I've decided to record a new full length of half full band songs, and half acoustic songs. I'm very proud of these songs and am planning on going to a real recording studio with a producer to help shape the songs. I will also be mastering the album, so this will sound like nothing I've ever done before.

This will cost a lot of money to accomplish this, money that I currently don't have. So I've decided to open this up to you, my friends and fans, to donate to this project. This is how you can become part of this! This will be ongoing and I'm looking to raise as much as I can before I hit the studio. There will be multiple ways you can contribute to the making of the album. Here is the breakdown:


Free CD

Autographed CD

Autographed CD with lyric sheet

Autographed CD with lyric sheet and written thank you letter

Free autographed CD with lyric sheet, written thank you letter, and dedication in liner notes of CD

Free autographed CD with lyric sheet, written thank you letter, dedication in liner notes of CD, and up to 5 unreleased demos/covers

I will also include an open donation option where you can choose your own denomination and if it's higher than any of the above amounts (over $500) we will work out what you will receive in return, like a cover of your favorite song, or even a song written about you!

So there it is! I'm very excited to make this happen. I do feel somewhat silly asking for money to fund a project when there are many other causes you could and should be donating too. This is just small fries in the universe. But if you do donate, (any amount) it would mean the world to me and you can take some comfort in knowing you are an integral part of this process. For every donation you will get something in return, so look of it as an investment, or an early pre-order. All of the orders will ship when the album is complete, hopefully by the Fall of this year.

I love you guys!

Joe Wilson

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