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Why does it take 4 to 6 weeks for my order to be fulfilled?
FLOHQ operates like a well oiled machine. As soon as the orders come in, they are usually filled and shipped within 2-3 days. So you can expect them in a shorter timeframe, but 4-6 weeks is just a window that we can work in. You will most likely get your order within 2 weeks of payment, if I'm not on the road or SUPER busy.

SWEET! Now we can buy your records from the FLO Online Catalog?
You are correct my friend. All of the releases are now available through this site, as well as the distribution websites (click links above).

How come checks and money orders have to be made out to cash?
Feeling left out does not have a business bank account setup. If you are really uncomfortable sending a check out to CASH please email us and we can try to make other arrangements.

Thanks for all of the support!

Joe and the FLOHQ Shipping Team